S čistou hlavou z Vysočiny

You will feel great with us
In the beautiful environment of Vysočina
With food like from grandmother

Summer holiday package

As the summer season is approaching, we have arranged for you summer holiday packages at favourable prices. Half board and hotel or bungalow accommodation will be provided. Breakfasts and dinners will be available to guests on large long tables. The full board can be bought additionally. The price of the package includes a bonus, i.e. sauna (1 hour), minigolf (1 hour), multi-purpose playing field (1 hour), lending of mountain bikes, hotel swimming pool and outdoor fitness playing field. Packages are flexible – you may prolong your stay.

Conferences, meetings

If you organise the congresses, meetings, workshops and training or arrange social events, weddings and celebrations, then we are an ideal choice for you. The hotel complex is situated near the village of Svratka, in the heart of the Highland and in the centre of the Czech Republic. We offer a hotel- or bungalow type accommodation, an air-conditioned and fully equipped congress hall, private rooms, a non-smoking restaurant, a bar and a coffee-room with a terrace. We can prepare for you a traditional Czech cuisine, receptions or a barbeque with lively music on the hotel terrace.